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Providing unbridled service to those who serve & changing lives with the wisdom of horses.

Unbridled Warriors Inc. mission is to provide Equine Assisted Personal Growth, Equine Experiential Growth and Development, and Equine Interactive Services  to Military personnel, veterans, First Responders, and their families. 

Upcoming Military Workshop
EAGALA Approved 7 CEU's
"So You Think You Want To Work With The Military"

The Next Military Workshop will be held
at PX Equine Enterprises Inc. in Green Cove Springs, Florida
on February 5th 2017
(the Sunday after the EAGALA Part II!)
Make plans to come for EAGALA Part II
and stay for this Military Workshop! 

Watch for this Military Workhop in Sheridan Wyoming spring of 2017.
Please watch for dates!

We are currently scheduling workshops for 2017 to add to the list.

April 5th& 6th 2017 Two day Military workshop - Missouri

UNBRIDLED WARRIORS INC. is a Florida Non-profit 501(c)(3)
Please check our page here at PX Equine Enterprises Inc. to learn more about what we are doing to serve those who serve.



Watch for more trainings offered by
PX Equine Enterprises Inc.:


For EAP Professionals & Mental Health Professionals: 

Herds-man-ship for EAGALA Practitioners

So You Think You Want To Work With The Military - EAGALA Approved


          DIVERSITY IN THE ARENA,                       

 N.I.C.K.E.R.R. Group Facilitating Skills    

For the General Public:

Women's Assertiveness Weekend

The 7 Directions of Self 

Horsemanship for Health

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We support Clay County Florida 4H!